Primebit Profit Review – Is This Crypto Robot a Scam or Legit?

The Primebit Profit app is a cryptocurrency trading software that is able to instantly buy and sell cryptocurrency on your behalf. According to the website it trades all day long with minimal user input to attempt to earn a profit.

Contrary to other crypto robots Primebit Profit doesn’t charge any charges. However, it doesn’t offer any specifics about how reliable its algorithm for trading is.

So do you think Primebit Profit a scam? The Primebit Profit Review can help you make a decision.

Primebit Profit

Primebit Profit at a Glance

We’ll begin with our Primebit Profit review with a brief overview of what you should be aware of concerning Primebit Profit. Bitcoin robot:

App Type Crypto robot
Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, USDT
Trading Hours 24/7
Minimum Deposit $250
Withdrawal Time 24/7
Mobile App No


What is Primebit Profit?

Primebit Profit A crypto robot. This robot is said to automatically purchase and sell cryptocurrency on your behalf in the hope of making profits through trading.

Primebit Profit’s platform is accessible for free and you can try the platform using its built-in demo mode. You’ll need to make a minimum deposit in order to start however, this deposit is able to be withdrawn anytime you’re not happy with Primebit Profit’s.

Pros & Cons of Primebit Profit


  • Automated 24/7 trading on behalf of you
  • Includes a demo trading mode
  • Secure your accounts with strong measures
  • Refunds in less than 24 hours


  • There isn’t a mobile application available.
  • Requires a $250 minimum deposit

How Does Primebit Profit Work?

According to the website, Primebit Profit operates using an algorithm to trade. The algorithm has been taught based on a number of years of price data for cryptocurrency and is able to spot price patterns that usually precede an abrupt rise or decrease in value of a currency.

If Primebit Profit detects a price pattern, the Primebit Profit robot detects such an indication of price it will then automatically open an order using funds from your account to trade. If the pattern is completed or the profit or loss goals for the trade have been met, Primebit Profit will automatically close the trade. Any funds earned, including profits will be returned to the account. They can then be used in future trades.

Primebit Profit is a mobile app that works around the clock. Primebit Profit app works around all hours, 24 hours a day. Because this automated platform for trading crypto is built on an algorithm which allows trades to be completed with high speed. But, be aware that every trading comes with risks.

Primebit Profit does not specify how accurate or successful its platform has proven to be during the last. We weren’t able to establish the percentage of winners as part the Primebit Profit Review. Even if you try Primebit Profit using a demo account, bear in mind that any trading is risky and market conditions could alter without notice.

Primebit Profit Key Features

This Primebit Profit review took a deep review of some of the platform’s most notable features.

High-frequency Crypto Trading

Primebit Profit claims to use advanced trading techniques that can make you profitable in the cryptocurrency market. The price fluctuations that the algorithm of the platform detects might not be as significant. However, by trading fast and often, Primebit Profit can make many tiny profitable trades. This is something human traders are generally incapable of accomplishing, which gives Primebit Profit an advantage over other cryptocurrency applications.

Be aware that trading at high frequency is risky. Primebit Profit does not provide any information on how successful its algorithm has been historically.

5 Crypto Markets

It is the Primebit Profit app is capable of trading five different cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Tether. The coins listed above generally have high volume of trading as well as high levels of volatility which makes an abundance of possibilities for trading.

It is also known as a stabilized coin. This means that it typically has distinct price dynamics and trading opportunities from other coins Primebit Profit deals with.

Demo Trading

Primebit Profit offers a demo trading option so that you can try the platform out without risking any real money. It is easy to switch between live and demo trading anytime you want to use the platform of Primebit Profit.

Demo trading lets you take the Primebit Profit test in a safe way to see if the automated trading program is the right choice for you. It also offers you the opportunity to change certain algorithmic parameters like your preferred risk level and profit goal for every trade.

No Experience Required

As per Primebit Profit, traders do not require any expertise to get started using this platform. The site claims that anyone is able to learn about Primebit Profit within few minutes. This means that the cryptocurrency robot is more accessible for beginners than other comparable digital day trading apps.

Account Security

Primebit Profit claims that it utilizes the most advanced security measures, like SSL encryption to keep your account secure. This is vital because you’re putting your trust in Primebit Profit to protect your funds. Primebit Profit’s digital security features will also shield your personal financial and financial information from hackers.

Fees for Using Primebit Profit

Primebit Profit is accessible for free. Primebit Profit doesn’t charge any account or trading charges as well as there are no commissions on your earnings. Additionally Primebit Profit app does not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals. Primebit Profit app does not charge fees for withdrawals or deposits.

Account Fees None
Trading Fees & Commissions None
Deposit & Withdrawal Fees None

Is Primebit Profit a Scam?

We were looking to answer the question: „Is Primebit Profit is a fraud or a fraud?‘ Our Primebit Profit review showed that the crypto robot claims to trade five different cryptocurrency types for you automatically. Although Primebit Profit doesn’t offer information on its past performance, you are able to test the algorithm with the built-in demo mode. Be aware that any trading involves risk when you make the switch into live trade.

We couldn’t find Primebit Profit reviews written by previous users. However, we discovered the fact that Primebit Profit is free of charge. Primebit Profit requires a $250 minimum deposit to begin however you are able to withdraw your cash at any time, and the majority of payments are processed within 24 hours.

Minimum Deposit at Primebit Profit

It is worth noting that the Primebit Profit robot requires a minimum deposit of $250 in order for the opening of a brand new account for trading. It is possible to deposit via credit card, bank transfer, debit card or e-wallet with no deposit fee. If you decide Primebit Profit isn’t to you, then you are able to make a withdrawal at anytime.

Customer Support at Primebit Profit

Primebit Profit offers customer support via email only. We couldn’t locate a phone location or email for this company, therefore you’ll need to use the contact form available on Primebit Profit’s site.

How to Start Using Primebit Profit

Are you ready to get started with Primebit Profit? We’ll guide you through how to join and begin trading in only two steps.

Step 1: Sign Up

Visit Primebit Profit’s website Find the registration form located at right at the very top. Input your name along with your email address, name, as well as your phone number, and select Start Trading to register.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

In order to create an account with Primebit Profit, you must complete the following steps. Primebit Profit Account, you have to make a the minimum deposit of $250. You can make payments using a debit card, credit account, bank transfer or via e-wallet.

Step 3: Demo Trading

You should now be able to access the Primebit Profit’s dashboard. Your account will start automatically with a demo trading account to allow you to test the platform and alter the parameters of the algorithm. This is an opportunity to run a safe Primebit Profit test prior to deciding whether you want to take with live trades.

Step 4: Live Trading

After you’re happy With Primebit Profit you are able to switch the live trading to demo. Relax and relax as Primebit Profit begins trading cryptocurrency for you.

The crypto assets are highly volatile , unregulated investment. Your money can be in danger.

Primebit Profit: The Verdict

Primebit Profit is an Bitcoin robot that’s capable trading five popular cryptocurrency for you. It uses an algorithm to make high-frequency trades, which are executed on a daily basis. Primebit Profit doesn’t charge any fees, which means that all the profits the platform earns on behalf of you is reinvested into your account for trading.

Primebit Profit doesn’t provide details on how effective its algorithm performs under various market conditions. We weren’t able to find the accuracy of this information in our analysis. You can however try Primebit Profit in a safe manner with the included demonstration mode. Be aware that live trading is risky. Past performance isn’t an indication of future performance.