Polygon zkEVM Reaches ATH: MATIC Remains Unaffected

• Polygon zkEVM recently reached a new all-time high in terms of its daily transactions
• MATIC witnessed a bearish trend and was down by nearly 4%
• The developers of Polygon are currently working on an upgrade to the Polygon zkEVM mainnet beta

Polygon zkEVM Reaches ATH

Polygon zkEVM’s number of daily transactions recently reached a new all-time high, while its active addresses also continue to grow. Thanks to the uptrend in daily transactions, the roll-up’s daily gas usage also surged substantially. Additionally, the developers were working on a new mainnet update for zkEVM.

MATIC Remains Unaffected

MATIC was down by nearly 4%, and a few metrics remained bearish despite Polygon’s success within the DeFi sphere. Despite increased adoption, however, zkEVM’s TVL registered a decline over the last few days. This indicated that MATIC was yet to benefit from the growth of Polygon.

Polygon 2.0 Saga Campaign Launched

The launch of the Polygon 2.0 zkEVM Saga campaign helped further push up zkEVM’s popularity as more users joined in for DeFi activities such as staking and yield farming activities on it. It was interesting to see that not only in its daily transactions but, as per Artemis , after a slight dip, zkEVM’s daily active addresses also gained upward momentum due to this campaign roll-out.

Gas Prices Remain Low

Gas prices remained low which contributed towards an increase in daily transactions and usage of the platform as well overall making it easier for users to access DeFi services on it without having to pay too much money for gas fees.

Mainnet Beta Upgrade Incoming

Polygon recently revealed that they are preparing to push an upgrade to their mainnet beta version of their zkEVN platform which will further facilitate smoother operations and user experience on it once it is released into full scale production mode eventually leading up towards higher adoption rates.