PancakeSwap’s Latest Strategy: Ready to Flip Uniswap’s TVL!

• PancakeSwap and Uniswap are engaged in a battle of total value locked (TVL).
• Despite setbacks, PancakeSwap is attempting to surpass Uniswap by deploying strategic growth measures.
• Transaction volume analysis reveals which DEX has been attracting more users or activity.

PancakeSwap vs. Uniswap: The Battle for TVL

PancakeSwap and Uniswap have been competing for supremacy in the DeFi space, with both platforms vying for the most Total Value Locked (TVL). This battle has been closely watched over recent months, as PancakeSwap almost overtook Uniswap in terms of TVL before being thwarted by the SEC’s BUSD ban. Now, however, PancakeSwap is implementing upgrades that could bring it back into contention.

Pancakeswaps‘ Multichain Approach

In order to gain an edge on its rival, PancakeSwap is now available on multiple blockchains including Aptos and Ethereum. This multichain approach helps to improve liquidity across different networks and could potentially allow Pancakeswap to overtake Uniswap in terms of TVL once again. At present, its latest TVL figure stands at $2.31 billion while Uniswaps current market cap is $3.23 billion with a peak TVL of just over $10 billion in 2021.

Transaction Volume Analysis

Transaction volume analysis can help determine which DEX is drawing more users or activity. On the Binance Smart Chain, Pancake Swaps transaction volumes peaked at 9.67 million CAKE ($33.6 million) in the last seven days while Uniswaps topped out at 213,200 ($1.14 million) during this same period. In addition, 24-hour transaction volumes were 1.1 million CAKE ($3.8 million) for Pancakeswaps and 26,053 UNI ($139,644) for Uniswaps respectively at press time .

The Profit Calculator

Investors can use tools such as the Pancakeswaps Profit Calculator to keep track of their portfolios performance when investing on either platform . With this calculator investors can easily check whether their portfolio has been turning green or not depending upon their investments via pancakes swaps .


It remains to be seen whether Pancakeswalps attempts at surpassing Uniswalps dominance will be successful despite all new upgrades deployed by it . For now , it appears that both platforms are continuing to expand and compete against each other , offering investors various options when it comes to DeFi platforms .