But who owns this million bitcoins (BTC)? Faketoshi still on the grill of US justice

Explosive trial in sight – The Kleiman v Craig S. Wright case will soon be tried before a jury , despite all attempts by the accused to avoid it. The one who proclaimed himself as Satoshi Nakamoto (luckily?) Managed to avoid reading messages calling him a “fraud” and a “liar”.

Endless litigation for imaginary bitcoins?

Ira Kleiman has been on trial with Craig Wright since February 2018. He is the brother of the late David Kleiman , a former partner of Wright. Ira is asking for half of the 1.1 million bitcoins her brother supposedly mined before 2013 with Wright’s help.

Without going into the many details and twists of this nearly 3-year-long affair, Craig Wright claims to have (finally) received the keys to access what would be equivalent to nearly $ 20 billion in bitcoins .

Craig Wright Bitcoin Faux Satoshi

However, this amount remains very theoretical for the moment. Indeed, some addresses supposed to contain Wright’s BTC – addresses given by Wright – turned out to belong to others, who left him a message.

These messages, signed on the blockchain by the real owners of the private keys , did not contain only courtesies against the one who is nicknamed Faketoshi. Very far from it even!

„Prejudicial“ remarks that risk influencing the jury

We therefore come back to the last judicial document in this case, published on November 16 by the Court of the Southern District of Florida .

Among the experts called to testify at Craig Wright’s trial, which is scheduled to begin in January , is expected to be Andreas Antonopoulos , author of well-known books on Bitcoin.

He was to read aloud , in front of the jury, the contents of 145 of the signed blockchain messages mentioned above, which all included the same text:

“Craig Steven Wright is a liar and a fraud. He does not have the keys used to sign this message (…) We are all Satoshi. „