Aptos Soars 400%: Can It Become the ‚Solana Killer‘?

• Aptos [APT] recently launched a world hackathon tour, expanded its footprints in the web 3 gaming ecosystem and has been consistently positioned to dethrone Solana [SOL].
• APT is a layer-1, proof-of-stake blockchain with faster transaction speeds than Solana’s 65,000 TPS.
• Aptos’s total volume locked (TVL) has exhibited better growth of late and is primarily driven by Pancakeswap [CAKE], while its NFT trade volume has also seen an increase.

Aptos’s Growing Presence

Aptos [APT] has made the crypto world sit up and take notice with its growing list of partnerships and product launches. It recently wrapped up the first leg of its ambitious world hackathon tour in Seoul. Furthermore, it expanded its footprints in the web 3 gaming ecosystem as well with an upcoming launch of ‚Pixelcraft‘ on the Aptos network through an official title reveal video.

Solana vs Aptos

The next question on everyone’s mind would be whether all of this hype is enough to dethrone Solana [SOL] against which APT has been consistently positioned. Realistic or not, here’s APT’s market cap in BTC’s terms Aptos has a clear advantage in this domain; unlike other blockchains, Aptos uses a parallel execution mechanism which helps in reducing latency and generating faster transaction speeds – 150,000 TPS compared to Solana’s 65,000 TPS. Additionally, Solana has suffered from several network outages in 2022 that could further boost Aptos‘ standing.

DeFi & NFT Performance

Aptos‘ DeFi performance is also noteworthy; while SOL grew by 0.44% over the last seven days, APT increased by almost 4% over the same time period according to data from DeFiLlama. APT’s TVL stood at $61.38 million at press time, primarily driven by Pancakeswap [CAKE], which had a dominance of almost 60%. Its NFT collections have also seen significant growth with trade volume increasing over recent months.


With its impressive transaction speed advantage and growing presence across various sectors within cryptocurrency networks such as DeFi and NFTs, it remains to be seen if Apto will live up to its billing as a ‚Solana Killer‘. Nonetheless, it appears that APT is on track for continued success within crypto markets going forward given its current trajectory of growth and development initiatives being undertaken by the team behind it.


APT soared by more than 400% over the last month due to its growing list of partnerships and product launches highlighting potential future success within crypto markets as well as overtaking Solana’s position due to higher transaction speeds enabled by parallel execution mechanisms on Layer 1 Proof-of-Stake blockchains like Aptos‘.