AI Cryptos Soar: Up to 16X Growth in Past Months!

• AI cryptos have become a hot topic in the crypto space lately, with many of them registering up to 16-times growth in the past few months despite bearish market conditions.
• Blockchain projects are increasingly exploring the potential of integrating AI technology into their platforms, such as TRON’s $100 million AI development fund.
• FETCH [FET] was one of the tokens that registered a price increase of 114% in the last 30 days, along with a 155% surge in social dominance and 157.4% uptick in bullish sentiment.

AI Cryptos Registering Growth Despite Bear Market

AI cryptos have become a popular topic among crypto investors lately due to their impressive performance over the past few months. Despite ongoing bearish market conditions, CoinGecko data shows that AI tokens have increased in value by up to 16 times between November 2022 and February 2023.

Integration of AI and Blockchain Technology

The goal behind many of these projects is to explore ways to merge AI with blockchain technology across various fields such as finance, gaming, etc. This has prompted blockchain projects to express an interest in investing in AI technology – for instance, TRON recently announced its new $100 million AI development fund.

Fetch Token Price Increase

Among all the AI cryptos available today, FETCH [FET] has been one of the most successful ones; it recorded a price increase of 114% over the past 30 days while also witnessing a 155% surge in social dominance and 157.4% uptick in bullish sentiment. This only further cements its position as one of the leading crypto tokens on the market today.

ChatGPT and BARD Impact on Crypto Space

Much of this hype surrounding these tokens can be attributed to ChatGPT and BARD – two projects that made waves when they hit the internet for their capabilities regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI). They were able to draw significant attention towards themselves which ultimately helped boost investor interest towards other related cryptocurrencies as well.


In conclusion, these developments show that blockchain startups are increasingly focusing on developing projects revolving around Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology – especially those related to cryptocurrency tokens – and this trend is likely going to continue even further from hereon out given how successful some of these ventures have been so far both technologically and financially speaking.