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CEO do PayPal: Nossa plataforma irá ‚aumentar significativamente a utilidade das criptomoedas‘

Posted on 24. November 2020 in Bitcoin

Os novos serviços de criptografia do PayPal irão agilizar a adoção de ativos digitais pelos negócios, diz o CEO Dan Schulman.

O executivo-chefe do PayPal acredita que as criptomoedas estão prestes a se popularizar à medida que mais empresas e consumidores migram para „pagamentos digitais e formas digitais de moeda“

Em entrevista à CNBC, o CEO do PayPal, Dan Schulman, disse que a pandemia COVID-19 acelerou a mudança para as formas digitais de pagamento. O PayPal deseja estar na vanguarda da transformação digital em andamento.

Schulman disse que „o uso de dinheiro diminuiu vertiginosamente“ em meio à pandemia, acrescentando que „40 a 70% dos consumidores não querem mais lidar com dinheiro“.

O PayPal não está apenas tornando mais fácil para as pessoas comprar e manter criptomoedas; o serviço se integrará às plataformas existentes de pagamentos de comerciantes, permitindo que as empresas aceitem formas digitais de pagamento.

O executivo do PayPal disse:

“Uma das coisas que permitimos não foi apenas tornar mais fácil comprar, vender e manter criptomoedas, mas, muito importante, no início do próximo ano, vamos permitir que as criptomoedas sejam uma fonte de financiamento para qualquer transação que aconteça em todos os 28 milhões de nossos comerciantes. E isso aumentará significativamente a utilidade das criptomoedas. ”
O PayPal consultou reguladores globais e bancos centrais antes de lançar seu serviço de criptografia. Schulman disse que é apenas uma questão de tempo até que essas autoridades monetárias liberem suas próprias moedas digitais do banco central, ou CBDCs:

“É uma questão de não se, mas quando e como, começaremos a ver cada vez mais bancos centrais emitindo formas de moedas digitais. Acho que você terá cada vez mais utilidade com a criptomoeda. ”

O PayPal lançou seus serviços de criptografia nos Estados Unidos no início deste mês, poucas semanas depois de anunciar a nova iniciativa. Os serviços serão lançados globalmente no início do próximo ano.

O comerciante de pagamentos global, que tem mais de 300 milhões de usuários ativos, tem comprado Bitcoin ( BTC ) e outras criptomoedas em um ritmo rápido. Como o Cointelegraph relatou recentemente, o PayPal comprou quase 70% de todos os novos Bitcoins em circulação. A escassez de oferta foi citada como a principal razão para a rápida valorização do Bitcoin no mês passado.

Alguns dos detratores mais ardentes do Bitcoin afirmam que a moeda digital carece de valor inerente. Para isso, Schulman disse:

“Todas as formas de dinheiro são baseadas na confiança e estabelecem valores que vêm dessa confiança.”

Rush too big? – Poloniex temporarily defaults shortly before the new Bitcoin record high

Posted on 22. November 2020 in Bitcoin

If all eyes are on Bitcoin, some crypto exchanges are probably overwhelmed by the onslaught.

While the record high for Bitcoin is getting more and more within striking distance, the cryptocurrency had to forego the support of the Poloniex crypto exchange, at least temporarily

„Poloniex is currently unavailable due to an unexpected problem“, as the customer service of the trading platform reported yesterday, Friday . „We are investigating the problem and will keep you up to date,“ the platform continues.

Bitcoin has been on a seemingly unstoppable climb in recent weeks, which is increasingly moving the cryptocurrency into the spotlight . However, this can mean that the systems of some crypto exchanges go to their knees due to the high traffic. Even large trading platforms like BitMEX and Coinbase have struggled with similar problems in the past.

A little later it was said that “Poloniex is no longer in maintenance mode”

In the meantime, normal operations have returned to the trading platform, and all crypto currencies can be traded as usual. Crypto futures can also be traded again.

Bitcoin, meanwhile, is climbing ever closer to the previous record high of $ 20,000. Many experts believe that growing interest in the mainstream is the driving force behind it. This year, in addition to major investor Paul Tudor Jones, payment service provider Square and software manufacturer MicroStrategy have already invested large amounts in the cryptocurrency.

Cointelegraph has asked Poloniex for comments, but has not received any feedback by the editorial deadline. This article will be updated as soon as there is an answer.

Bitcoin has chosen decentralization and immutability instead of

Posted on 19. November 2020 in Bitcoin

Fidelity Digital Assets has responded to the most common criticisms made against Bitcoin, such as „it is too volatile“ and „cannot be used for payments“.

„Bitcoin has failed as a means of payment“ is one of the most common criticisms of Bitcoin (BTC) that Fidelity Digital Assets intends to refute. In a blog post published on November 13, the company responded to six „persistent“ criticisms, including volatility, energy waste, and the use of Bitcoin Evolution for illegal activities.

Regarding the alleged failure of currency as a means of payment in daily transactions, Fidelity’s argument is that this criticism does not include Bitcoin’s central purpose.

The cryptocurrency is overcome, Fidelity admits, by conventional payment channels such as Visa, Mastercard and PayPal, which offer higher capacities. However, Bitcoin was designed with other priorities in mind, including „perfect scarcity,“ says Fidelity.

„Bitcoin makes deliberate compromises, such as limited and expensive capacity, to offer basic properties such as decentralization and immutability. Given its high settlement guarantees, Bitcoin optimizes its limited capacity to settle transactions that are not effectively served by traditional channels.

Although currency is, in theory, valid as a payment instrument, everyday use is not necessarily the ultimate goal of the asset, given its limitations. In addition to price volatility, the fiscal definition of Bitcoin as an asset in some jurisdictions, according to which users must calculate gains and losses for each payment or purchase in Bitcoin, makes it impractical for many transactions.

According to Fidelity, users should be aware that currency design has given priority to factors such as decentralization, limited offer and unchangeable settlement. These aspects should be valued according to specific terms, accepting that they have disadvantages on the front of daily transactions.

Moving on, Fidelity addresses the criticism that Bitcoin’s extreme volatility compromises its use as a store of value. In this case, Fidelity again reformulates the terms of the criticism, arguing that volatility is the price to pay for a „market resistant to intervention“:

„No central bank or government can intervene to support or protect the markets and artificially control volatility. Bitcoin volatility is a compromise for a distortion-free market. The true price discovery accompanied by volatility could be preferable to artificial stability if it results in distorted markets that could disintegrate without intervention“.

Fidelity offers other detailed arguments about volatility, linking it to the „perfectly inelastic offer“ of the asset. The last four criticisms addressed in the blog post are environmental waste, the use of Bitcoin for illegal activities, the „lack of guarantees“ of the asset and the potential overtaking by a competitor.


But who owns this million bitcoins (BTC)? Faketoshi still on the grill of US justice

Posted on 19. November 2020 in Bitcoin

Explosive trial in sight – The Kleiman v Craig S. Wright case will soon be tried before a jury , despite all attempts by the accused to avoid it. The one who proclaimed himself as Satoshi Nakamoto (luckily?) Managed to avoid reading messages calling him a “fraud” and a “liar”.

Endless litigation for imaginary bitcoins?

Ira Kleiman has been on trial with Craig Wright since February 2018. He is the brother of the late David Kleiman , a former partner of Wright. Ira is asking for half of the 1.1 million bitcoins her brother supposedly mined before 2013 with Wright’s help.

Without going into the many details and twists of this nearly 3-year-long affair, Craig Wright claims to have (finally) received the keys to access what would be equivalent to nearly $ 20 billion in bitcoins .

Craig Wright Bitcoin Faux Satoshi

However, this amount remains very theoretical for the moment. Indeed, some addresses supposed to contain Wright’s BTC – addresses given by Wright – turned out to belong to others, who left him a message.

These messages, signed on the blockchain by the real owners of the private keys , did not contain only courtesies against the one who is nicknamed Faketoshi. Very far from it even!

„Prejudicial“ remarks that risk influencing the jury

We therefore come back to the last judicial document in this case, published on November 16 by the Court of the Southern District of Florida .

Among the experts called to testify at Craig Wright’s trial, which is scheduled to begin in January , is expected to be Andreas Antonopoulos , author of well-known books on Bitcoin.

He was to read aloud , in front of the jury, the contents of 145 of the signed blockchain messages mentioned above, which all included the same text:

“Craig Steven Wright is a liar and a fraud. He does not have the keys used to sign this message (…) We are all Satoshi. „


Tether marknadsvärde överstiger 17 miljarder dollar, vilket driver Bitcoin-prisrally

Posted on 6. November 2020 in Blockchain

Bitcoins nya toppar kommer bland massor av nya pengar som strömmar in via stablecoins.

Enligt Tether: s officiella transparensdata passerade USDT-börsvärdet en markering på 17 miljarder dollar för första gången och slog över 17 miljarder dollar i totala tillgångar.

Tethers marknadsvärde har ökat exponentiellt under 2020. Från och med mitten av september hade Tethers marknadsvärde nästan en fyrfaldig ökning sedan början av året och ökade över 15 miljarder dollar från cirka 4 miljarder dollar.

Enligt data från kryptoanalysföretaget Messari såg USDT en märkbar ökning från augusti 2020 till dags dato.

Som sådan har USDT lagt till mer än 5 miljarder dollar i marknadsvärde under de senaste tre månaderna.

Tether (USDT), det största stabila valutan på kryptovalutamarknaden, ser ett massivt tillströmning av sitt börsvärde, vilket sannolikt kommer att driva det aktuella Bitcoin (BTC) prisrallyt.

Enligt Ki Young-Ju, VD för kryptodataplattformen CryptoQuant, drivs den senaste kryptorallyt av en ökad mängd insättningar i stablecoins som USDT. Den 5 november påpekade han:

”Återigen steg $ BTC-priset strax efter att antalet stabila myntinsättningar ökat.”
Ki Young-Ju uppmärksammade tidigare denna korrelation i oktober och noterade att inflödet av stablecoin-insättningar var „bra att förutsäga BTC-stigningen i slutet av juli.“

Data från CryptoQuant visar också att inflödetransaktioner med stabilt värde träffar nya 2020-toppar den 18 oktober och överstiger 60 000 transaktioner. Antalet sådana transaktioner har minskat sedan, men utgjorde cirka 30 000 i slutet av oktober.